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Why Aren't I Losing Weight?

Dieters can sometimes struggle with the dreaded "Why aren't I losing weight" question even if they're following their diet. It leads to frustration and a loss of motivation which leads many to quit and start gaining weight again.

Study Your Behavior

Before making drastic changes and slashing your diet to unhealthy levels, you should first look at your behavior as objectively as possible. Losing weight and MAINTAINING weight are often only separated by 200-300 calories per day. I know, it doesn't seem like a significant amount, but on a weekly and monthly basis those hidden calories start to add up.

The first place you should look is what you're eating before going to bed. Night time snacks are notorious diet killers because they're often empty calories with tons and tons of carbs. Add to that the fact you're consuming high energy calories that are not going to be used, because you're about to go to sleep.

When you have a high concentration of energy calories (carbs) but don't utilize them, there's a high probability that your body will store it as fat. Basically if you feed your body energy but don't use it, it can get stored as body fat for later use. So really try to clamp down on the "treats" you give yourself before going off to sleep.

Other hidden forms of calories are found in stuff you drink, like orange juice, soda, and all the things you put in your coffee. Make sure you're counting those calories and including them with your daily calorie total. Again, it may not seem like a big deal to not write down a 25 calorie topping, but at the end of the day all those extra toppings that weren't written down could add up to several hundred calories.

If you think you aren't missing any calories and you're staying at your optimum total calories per day to help lose weight, it may be the TYPE of calories that are in your diet. Make sure you're eating whole grain foods, and always include lots of protein with every meal.

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