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Why Am I Retaining Water?

I think a lot of my bloating and extra weight is from water, so why am I retaining water and should I take a supplement to get rid of it?

When people are carrying "water weight" they want a quick and easy solution to solve the problem without really analyzing to cause.

Decreasing Water Retention

Your body is an incredibly efficient system used to store, allocate, and use resources. Water is the most important resource our body needs.

It's been proven people can live several weeks without food, but cannot live more than a few days without water. So it's incredibly important for your body to maintain its supply.

That's where water retention comes in.

It's your body's way of adapting to a habitual pattern that has potential health problems. Basically, you aren't consuming enough water and an alarm goes off in your body that something is wrong.

You're very conscious of your habits, and your environment but your body's systemic management of resources is not. All it knows is input and output. It uses your behavior to gauge where you are and the abundance of resources.

So what do you think happens if you aren't consuming enough water?

Your body interprets that behavior as you being in an environment where water is scarce. If water is scarce then you need to start storing excess water on your body to compensate.

You're going to need water tomorrow and the next day, and if there isn't enough to consume your body stores it for later use to ensure survival.

It's not what you want aesthetically, but it's a vital survival function that has been cultivated for thousands of years.

As odd as it seems, the natural way to retain less water is to consume a lot more. When the water resource begins to flow at a regular rate your body is no longer alarmed and will no longer store in excess of its daily need.

That's why you see professional body builders consume gallons and gallons of water each day. To flush their system and prevent excess water retention.

You don't need to go to the extreme of a professional bodybuilder but you do need to establish and maintain a regular water schedule to prevent your body from retaining more water then you want.

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