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The Truth About Low Fat And Low Carb Diets

When trying to shed a few extra pounds most dieters will go to extremes with their food choices, but low fat and low carb diets that are to strict can cause more harm than good.

Misunderstanding Low Fat Diets

When you look in the mirror and decide you need to lose some weight, your eyes focus on the excess fat around your belly, hips and thighs. Your reaction is "I need to get rid of this fat".

It seems like a logical conclusion that if you want to lose fat around your belly you should stop eating so many fat calories. It's a misconception that's existed for decades.

What most fail to realize is that the excess fat on your body doesn't represent the amount of fat calories you eat. It's excess energy calories that were not used.

You get energy calories from fat and carbs. So if you cut your fat intake to zero, but still consume tons of carbs there's a high probability that your excess body fat will increase.

Low Carb Diets Don't Have To Be Hell

It seems everything that tastes delicious is loaded with carbs. Chocolate cake, ice cream, candy and pretty much everything at McDonald's.

But you don't have to eliminate your entire carb intake, and in most cases you can still eat your favorite foods in moderation. What makes carbs a hidden menace is there are different kinds of carbs.

Some carbs are digested fast and others slow. Do you know which one is the best for burning fat? Most don't know the difference, which can wreck a diet if you eat the wrong carbs at the wrong time of the day.

Foods made with whole grain will digest slower, which is good for you. So mixing in some whole grain bread and rice with your other carbs will help keep the fat off.

Understanding what kind of food, the amount, and the best time of day to eat them is incredibly important to maintaining a lean physique.

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