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The Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has crossed over from an eastern practice to gaining wide acceptance in the west. The benefits of yoga are stress reduction, increased flexibility and strength.

The movements may feel awkward at first, but many find yoga to be relaxing and leave their session with a sense of calm and peace.

Lowers Stress

Yoga is all about being in the moment and concentrating on what you're being asked to do. If you've never tried yoga before, it looks quite simple. In practice though, it takes great concentration to maintain balance and coordination.

You're also asked to hold your position for several seconds. This requires you to focus on your muscle movement, breathing, and balance.

In the middle of a yoga session you won't have time to worry about your everyday troubles because you'll be trying really hard not to fall over because you lost your balance.

The ability for yoga to take your mind of your troubles makes it an excellent stress reliever.

Increases Flexibility

A primary benefit of yoga is the increased flexibility. While you may not see the results after only a few sessions, your increased flexibility will become quite apparent over several weeks and months.

Flexibility improves your athletic ability and has been proven to reduce the risk to injury. Often muscle injuries are due to lack of flexibility causing sudden tension to tear or strain muscles and tendons. The repetitive stretching involved in yoga better prepares your muscles for sudden movements.

Strength And Muscle Tone

Yoga doesn't look like it would be categorized as a muscle building activity, and it's not advertised to be. It does however, require constant muscle tension over extended period of time.

Tension over time is the formula to muscle growth. Now, you aren't going to gain muscle mass because you are only moving and holding your own body weight but you will stress your muscles significantly.

It's common to feel soreness, particularly in your thighs, and will start to notice body changes like additional muscle definition over several months.

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