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Lose Belly Fat For Men

What are the best tips to lose belly fat for men? Do you have to get all girly and eat nothing but lettuce and celery, or is there a man method to getting a trimmer waist?

Think Overall Fat Burn

You probably aren't going to want to hear this, but you can't spot reduce body fat. Despite all you've seen from infomercials, it's just not humanly possible to tell the fat cells on your belly to go away and leave the other fat cells alone.

One day, with the advancement of DNA research, it might be possible. But not yet, my friend.

That means to lose belly fat, you need to take a systemic approach to losing your gut. Get your cardio on, and do it like a man. You don't have to take a jazzercise class, or turn into a yoga pretzel.

Do what ever you want, but do it like a man. Take a one mile run, but do it like a man. Push yourself, get red-faced and sweaty. That's how it's done.

A great way to burn off calories and let off some steam is to hit a punching bag. The calorie burn for a thirty minute boxing session is so intense, that the fat will melt off in a few weeks.

Eat Like A Caveman

The efficiency of our body and how it uses resources is quite impressive when you think about it. You don't need to give your body any commands, there's no conscious thought telling your body to burn calories for energy, it just does it.

It's that unconscious function that you need to manipulate, and the best way to manipulate your body into burning off belly fat is by eating like a caveman.

Protein, protein, protein. The more protein you eat, and fewer carbohydrates, the more your body is compelled to burn off the fat stored on your body.


Because it has to. It has no choice. It's a biological function that's been cultivated for thousands of years. Belly fat isn't a curse, it's a defensive survival method. Your body stores fat (energy) for later use. When cavemen were without food, body fat was burned for energy.

That's it's job, so make it do it. Restricting carbs takes away energy resources through food that's consumed. Your body still needs fuel, so it breaks down and metabolizes fat for energy.

Eating lots of protein will conserve muscle mass, but doesn't provide enough calories for energy so fat will be burned off.

Grunting like a caveman is optional.

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