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I Want Bigger Biceps

If you're trying to add muscle because you want bigger biceps it's important to use a plan that will maximize your results. You'll want to avoid any exercises that will decrease muscle size, especially in your biceps.

Add More Protein

Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. You can't stay on the same diet and expect to gain muscle mass. Your current diet and protein intake is optimal for your current condition and muscle size.

So if you want to increase muscle tissue, you'll need to provide the needed supplies by adding more protein.

You can get protein by simply adding more chicken or red meat to your diet. If you're concerned about the fat content you can also use protein drinks to supplement your intake.

Many will focus on an increase in calories and believe that's what makes you bigger, and it's true. But too many calories from carbs or fat will not be turned into muscle because that's not what it's for. Those calories can only be used for energy or fat storage. To add muscle you need to add protein to your diet.

Building Bigger Biceps

There are sculpting exercises and there are mass building exercises, and you'll want to incorporate a little of both. You can maximize your results by cycling the routines.

Two weeks of heavy lifting to increase muscle mass, then two weeks of shaping exercises to increase muscle definition.

When you're in the mass gaining phase you'll want to avoid excessive cardio vascular workouts because they have the ability to break down muscle tissue and destroy your gains.

You can find more specific workout routines, meal plans and diet information in the Burn The Fat system.

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