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How To Avoid Weight Lifting Injury

You may not give injury prevention much thought, but knowing how to avoid weight lifting injury can be the difference between achieving your goals and being confined to a bed while you recover.

Protect Your Back

Most people don't give enough consideration to how important their back is to every day functions until it gets hurt. Virtually every exercise requires back strength and support which is why it should be at the top of your injury prevention list.

Once the back is hurt or strained not only will you have to stop exercising but it will likely be painful to walk, sit down, or get up off the couch. Using back support belts during exercises and using proper lifting techniques can help protect your back from injury.

Don't Lift Through Pain

Your body is going to tell you when something's wrong, but will you listen? Those slight sharp pains you feel in a muscle is a warning signal that if you don't stop right now, something much worse is going to happen. It's all too common for weight lifters to try and tough it out and lift through pain only to realize how foolish they were. If they had stopped when they first felt the muscle pain they would have avoided a much more serious muscle tear.

Take Time Off To Recover

When you're basically addicted to exercise and lifting weights it becomes incredibly difficult to take extended time off. What usually happens is the muscle that was injured will begin to recover and you'll feel the strength returning. Then you decide to do something that seems very reasonable: "Let's test it!".

So you start off with light weights, and feel good and want to test your limits a little so you increase the weight. That's when you feel the pull, or muscle strain again. Now you'll have to wait several more weeks for the healing process again. When you feel your strength returning it's better to be safe than sorry and wait an extra week to fully recover.

Injury prevention may not be a high priority, especially if you're still young and feel invincible, but nothing stops progress faster than injury.

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