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How To Get Thinner Thighs

If you want to get thinner thighs it's important to avoid food and activities that can actually make it worse. Sometimes large thighs are just genetic and other times it's behavior.

You'll want to form an action plan and focus on food and exercises that help you achieve your goal to get thinner thighs.

Fat Reduction

There are two primary categories when it comes to large thighs. You either have too much fat stored there, or there's too much muscle making them larger then you might like.

Some people do have a lot of muscle and a lot of body fat on their thighs, but it's less common. One is usually a greater problem than the other.

If you have too much fat on your thighs, you'll have to adjust your diet to influence fat burning. Reducing simple carbs, sugar and dairy should be your first step.

Reduce the amount of fruit you eat to lower your glucose intake, and start eating more vegetables, and foods high in fiber. If you need to lose weight fast, the something like the Fat Loss Factor offers a good plan.

It specializes in intermittent fasting which aims for rapid fat reduction.

Avoid Building Mass

If you have too much muscle then you'll need to avoid or limit activities designed to build muscle mass on your thighs. Anything that involves squatting, especially with additional weight, will build muscle fast.

If your genetics naturally builds mass on your thighs easily, you'll want to do more cardio intensive workouts that stress the muscles over extended periods of time. Any exercise or sport that stress short, powerful bursts from your thighs is contributing to retaining muscle mass on your thighs.

You'll want to think in terms of a marathon instead of a sprint. Get your legs to work for longer, but less intense, workouts. Rather than short term power movements.

Shaping Exercises

You can start shaping your legs and glutes without adding additional mass through variations of lunges. Be careful not to overextend your as it can be bad for your knees.

Keep in mind, that your body weight is sufficient to tone your legs. Using additional weight, like dumbbells, during the lunge will force your body to build new muscle and add to the mass on your thighs.

Another great activity for muscle toning without adding new mass is yoga.

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