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Can You Target Fat Loss?

Everyone has trouble spots. Some people hate the flab under their arms, some people collect excess fat on their belly or lower back.

Can you target fat loss to strip it off a certain area of your body?

The quick answer is, no it's not possible to isolate fat stores. Even though certain specific exercises are recommended by gyms and trainers to target specific areas it's not physically possible to target fat.

When trainers are telling you to work on sit ups and crunches to flatten your belly, they're helping you strengthen your core and build the muscle under the fat. But they're not isolating the fat on top of your abdomen.

It's possible to target certain areas for muscle toning, but not the fat on top of it. Think of body fat as systemic, because it is.

Your DNA tells your body where to collect and store excess energy as body fat. That's why we're all different. Some have large thighs with excess body fat, others are more pear shaped with body fat on the belly and shoulders but not on the legs.

It's your DNA that determines that.

So how do you get off that stubborn fat that won't leave your belly? What can you do to target that body fat?

It may not be what you want to hear, or what you want to believe but you have to allow your body to work off those fat stores at it's own pace.

All you can do is be diligent with your cardio and diet and let your DNA handle which areas of body fat get burned off.

The areas of your body with the largest collection of body fat will usually be the last area to be depleted of excess fat. That's just the way your body is.

Everyone wants to have that six pack and be "ripped", but even professional athletes do not maintain that state year round. They peak when they need to, and carry a little more body fat the rest of the year.

So don't beat yourself up if you're carrying a little extra body fat in certain areas. Just stay disciplined and let the body fat melt off your body on its own.

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